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Fresh Ingredients. Great flavours. Original Italian recipes always made from scratch. No matter what you're craving, we have exactly what you're looking for.


Antipasti - Appetisers

Antipasto Misto / To Share   £8.50 / 14.95
Selection of Parma Ham, mixed Italian salami, buffalo mozzarella, sundried tomato and rocket salad.
Fegatini di Pollo Ai Funghi  £6.95
Chicken livers with mushrooms cooked in a marsala wine sauce served with crostini bread.
Calamari Fritti  £7.50
Calamari with lemon and garlic mayonnaise.
Zuppetta di Cozze  £6.50
 Mussels cooked in tomato, with wine and chilli sauce, served with crostini bread.
Bruschetta (V) £5.50
Toasted bread topped with fresh basil, garlic and tomato.
Arancini (V)  £6.50
Pan fried rice ball in breadcrumbs, filled with mozzarella, peas, chilli and tomato sauce.
Zuppa  £5.50
Soup of the day. 
Funghi Portobello Ripieni (V) £6.50
Portobello mushroom topped with spinach, goat cheese and rocket. 
Rustico (V)   £5.75
Ciabatta bread topped with caramelised onion, goat cheese and baked in the oven. 
Caprese (V)  £6.50
Mozzarella, tomato salad with fresh basil oil dressing. 


Mozzarella wrapped in speck and baked in the oven.
Parmiggiana di Melenzana (V)  £6.95

Mozzarella wrapped in Parma Ham,aubergines baked in the oven.

Crostino Latino (V)


Wild mixed mushrooms cooked in a garlic and white wine cream sauce, served with toasted bread.

Le Pizze - Pizza 

Margherita (V) £8.50
Tomato and mozzarella.
Prosciutto e Funghi £9.50
Tomato, mozzarella, ham and mushrooms.
Vegetariana (V) £9.95
Tomato, mozzarella, black olives, oregano and mixed vegetables.
Piccante £9.25
Tomato, mozzarella and spicy salami.
Calzone Napoli £11.95
Folded pizza filled with mozzarella, tomato, ham, mushrooms and salami.
Quattro Stagioni £10.50
Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, peppers, anchovies and olives.
Parma £12.50
Tomato, mozzarella, Parma Ham, rocket and parmesan shaving.
Monte Bianco £11.50 
Salami, mozzarella, gorgonzola, mushrooms and oregano  
4 Formaggi (V) £10.50
4 cheeses white pizza.  
Vesuvio £12.50

Mozzarella,chicken spicy salami and chilli.

Extra toppings   £0.80
Parma ham, Chicken 


La Pasta - Pasta

Gluten free pasta available

Pennette All’arrabiata (V)  £8.50
 Penne cooked in a fresh tomato and chilli sauce. 
Pennette All'a Cacciatora                                    £10.95
Penne pasta cooked in a fresh tomato chicken and chilli sauce.    
Penne amatriciana                   £9.95
Penne pasta with pancetta, red onion, in a fresh tomato and chilli sauce.    
Tagliatelle ai funghi (V) £11.95
Tagliatelle with a selection of wild mushrooms cooked in a white wine and cream sauce.
Spaghetti Carbonara £10.50
Spaghetti with pancetta (bacon), egg and cream sauce.
Tagliatelle al Salmone e zucchini £13.95
Tagliatelle in a white wine, cream and salmon souce with zucchini.
Spaghetti Bolognese £10.50
Spaghetti with a rich homemade ragu sauce.
Tortellini Ricotta  Spinaci (V) £11.50
Tortellini filled with ricotta and spinach with a fresh tomato and basil sauce.
Linguini Allo Scoglio £15.50
Linguini pasta, cooked in white wine, tomato sauce and mixed sea food.
Spaghetti con Cozze e Vongole £13.95
Spaghetti with fresh mussels, clams, cherry tomatoes, white wine, chilli, garlic and parsley. 
Lasagna traditionale £10.95
Homemade layers of egg pasta with rich ragu, parmesan and mozzarella.
Tagliatelle Latino £12.95
Tagliatelle pasta with chicken, sundried tomatoes, courgettes in a cream souce.

I Risotti - Risotto

Risotto Frutti di Mare £15.50
Seafood risotto.
Risotto Latino £12.95
Wild mushroom risotto with chicken parmesan and touch of cream.
Risotto Piselli e Zafferano (V)   £11.95
Risotto with green peas and saffron souce, served with shaved parmesan.    

Il Pesce - Fish

Spigola all' acqua pazza £16.95
Fillets of sea bass served with tiger prawns, cooked in white wine and cherry tomatoes sauce, served with sauté potatoes.
Guazzetto di spada £14.95

Sword fish cooked in a cherry tomato ,capers,anchovies,black olives,served with potatoes and toasted bread.

Salmone al Forno £14.95
Baked salmon fillet on a bed of spinach dressed with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and saute potatoes.
Gamberoni Piccanti £16.50
King prawns cooked in white wine, cherry tomatoes, fresh chilli and parsley served on a bed of linguine pasta.
Caciucco di pesce £21.95
Traditional Italian fish dish: mussels, calamari,sword fish, king prawns, salmon, cooked in a cherry tomato, white wine, garlic and chilli sauce.
Spada Ligure £14.95
Fillet of sword fish, cooked in a cherry tomatoes, capers, mussels and white wine sauce served with saute' potatoes.
Fritto misto di pesce £15.95
Fried calamari, king prawns and white bait in breadcrumbs, served on a bed of mixed salad.

Il Pollo - Chicken

Involtino di Pollo £14.95
Chicken breast filled with pancetta, spinach and fontinna chesse wrapped in bredcrumbs, served with creamy tomato souce and potatoes.
Pollo ai Funghi £12.95
Chicken breast with a mixed mushroom and cream sauce served with sauté potatoes.
Pollo Peperoni Piccanti £12.95
Chicken breast cooked in a mix pepers, chili and cherry tomatoes souce, served with sout'e potatoes.

La Carne - Meat

Vitello al Marsala £16.50
Veal cooked in a rich Marsala wine sauce served with sauté potatoes.
Fegato alla Veneziana £16.95
Calves Liver cooked in a red onion and red wine souce, served with mashed potatoes and crispy bacon.
Medaglioni alla sorrentina £17.50
Sliced veal topped with parma ham, bufalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes souce served with sout'e potatoes.
Filetto al Pepe Verde £22.95
Prime fillet of 100% Scottish beef served with a peppercorn sauce, and sauté potatoes.
Filetto al Crudo di Parma £22.95
Prime fillet of 100% Scottish beef served with Parma ham in a marsala wine sauce and served with sauté potatoes.
Vitelo Milanese £17.50
Deep fried veal in breadcrumbs,served with spaghetti Napoli.

Le Insalate - Salads & Side Orders

salads and side orders
Pane £1.95
Olives £3.50
Garlic Bread (V) £3.75
Pizza base garlic bread.
Garlic Bread with Mozzarella (V) £4.95
Pizza base garlic bread topped with mozzarella.  
Pizza base caramelized onion e mozzarella (V) £4.95
Rucola & Parmigiano (V) £4.75
Wild rocket salad with parmesan shavings dressed with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar.
Chicken Caesar Salad 11.95
Char grilled chicken, cos lettuce, croutons & Parmesan dressing.
Insalata Primavera £11.95
Mixed leaf salad with black olives, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, parmesan shavings, grilled chicken and balsamic sauce.
Insalata Con Tonno   £11.95
Cos lettuce, under oil Tuna, black olives,red onion,sweet corn and lemon dressing.    
Insalate Verde/Mixed Salad (V) £3.95
Mixed green salad/mixed salad.
Tomato & Red Onion Salad (V) £2.95
Zucchini fritti (V) £3.95
Spinach (V) £3.50
Chips £2.95
Daily Selection of vegetables £2.95

Our Desserts

Looking for the perfect way to top off a delicious dinner? We have a great selection of original Italian desserts to choose from.

Tiramisù £6.25
 Espresso soaked sponge layered with mascarpone cream and dusted with cocoa powder.  tiramisu
Torta della Nonna £5.95
 Shortcrust pastry filled with lemon flavoured patisserie cream and decorated with pine nuts, dusted with icing sugar.  torta della nonna
Cheesecake Monterosa £6.50
Mascarpone and sweet ricotta with layers of delicate sponge, topped with wild strawberries and redcurrant set in a strawberry glaze.  cheesecake monterosa
Souffle al Ciocolato £6.50
 A unique and classic chocolate fondant souffle with a liquid chocolate centre, served warm with vanilla ice cream.  souffle al ciocolato
Panna Cotta £5.50
 Traditional Italian dessert made with fresh cream and vanilla, topped with caramel sauce.  panna cotta
Coppa Stracciatella £5.75
 Vanilla gelato, with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips, topped with praline hazelnuts.  coppa straciatella
Coppa Pistacchio e Crema £5.75
 Custard gelato swirled with chocolate and pistacchio gelato, topped with crushed pistacchio praline.  coppa pistacchio e crema
Crème Brûlée £5.95
 With rasberries and crunchy caramelised topping presented in a terracotta pot.  creme brulee
Coppa Yogurt £5.75
 Yoghurt gelato enriched with blueberries redcurrants and berry sauce. pineapple
Tartufo Limoncello £6.25
Lemon gelato with a liquid limoncello core sprinkled with crushed lemon maringue. tartuffo classico
Italian Cheese Platter £8.50
Add a shot of Vodka or Limoncello £2.00 extra
Affogato al Cafe £6.25
 Vanilla ice cream served with espresso coffe.   
Lemon Sorbet £4.50
 The clasic sorbet, clean, cool and sharp.  

Our Drinks

We have a variety of hot and cold drinks to enjoy and compliment our food — including some of the best Italian wines.


 Hot Drinks

hot drinks



Expresso      £2.20
Double Espresso      £2.80
Filter Coffee       £2.00
Latte      £2.60
Cappuccino      £2.40
Caffe Corretto     £3.80
Shot of Grappa or Amaretto      
Liqueur Coffee (please ask)      £5.95
Hot Chocolate     £2.50
Traditional Tea     £2.00
Earl Grey  Tea     £2.00
Camomile  Tea     £2.00
Peppermint  Tea     £2.00
Green  Tea     £2.00
Cockburns     £3.50
Vintange Port      £7.00
Frattina Chardonnay     £4.00
Grappa di Brunello     £5.00
18 Lune     £6.00
Amaro Averna     £3.50
Amaro Lucano     £3.50
Frangelico     £3.50
Amaretto     £3.50
Vinsanto     £3.50
Sambuca     £3.75
Tia Maria     £3.75
Limoncello     £3.75
Jagermeister     £3.75
Baileys      £3.75
Martell      £4.00
Vecchia Romagna     £4.00
Remy Martin VSOP      £5.00
Courvoisier VSOP     £5.00
Hennessy Fine      £8.00

 Soft Drinks & Beers 

soft drinks and beers



Acqua Naturale / Still water 500ml      £2.95
Acqua Frizzante / Sparkling water 500ml      £2.95


PERONI 33cl 




BECK’S BLUE 275ml     £3.50
Soft Drinks      £2.40
OLD SPECKLED HEN 500ml     £4.95

Vino Bianco   

white whine


Price per Glass

175 ml


House Wine 12% £4.25 £16.50
Chardonnay -Ventierre-Zonin- 12.5% £5.25 £20.50
Enjoyable bouquet with scents of exotic fruit. It is well balanced with a clean finish.
Frascati Superiore - Lazio—gran picco  12%   £21.50
An outstanding Frascati round and complex with a long lasting finish.
Soave Classico DOC - Veneto—zonin  12%   £23.50
Delicious soave, fresh and soft with a broad and fruity bouquet.
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC - Marche  12.5%   £22.50
A traditional Verdicchio with a good fruity note and balanced activity.
Sauvignon Blanc - Ardesia - IGT Veneto 12% £6.25 £24.50
A classic Sauvignon Blanc with aromatic and fruity notes. Dry light and refreshing.      
Pinot Grigio DOC - Friuli Venezia Giulia - Dogarina  12.5% £6.50 £25.50
A lovely 100% Pinot Grigio. Rich bouquet in fresh with hints of acacia and spicy tones.
Vernaccia San Gimignano DOCG - Toscana  12.5%   £28.50
Penetrating and fruity bouquet with green apple notes. Full-flavoured and well balanced.
Fiano del Salento IGT - Puglia - Altemura  12.5%   £30.00
A superb Fiano from Puglia. Bouquet is floral and ample with citrus and almond notes.      
Vermentino DOC - Sardegna - Sardus Pater  13.5%   £27.50
Intense and complex bouquet, fruity and mellow. Harmoniously soft.
Falanghina - Campania - Vinosia  13%   £26.50
Rich and persistent on the nose with fruity and floral notes. Sapid and well structured.      
Gavi di Gavi DOCG — Piemonte—la scolca  12%   £60.00
Single vineyard Gavi. Well structured and harmonious with an elegant and fine bouquet

  Prosecco & Champagne   

prosecco and champagne


Price per Glass

125 ml


Prosecco Rose Brut — Veneto 

Prosecco Brut NV — Veneto 







The Italian aperitif. Perfect in every occasion. Delicious with light starters and fish dishes.
Veuve Clicquot NV — France 12%    £60.00
Aperitivi & Cocktails      
Martini Bianco/Rosso/Extra Dry 50ml    £3.50  
Gin & Tonic    £5.50  
Garibaldi Campari & orange juice    £5.50  
Negroni Campari, Martini Rosso and Gin    £6.50  
Vodka & Tonic    £5.50  
Pimms & lemonade    £6.50  
Vodka & Orange    £5.50  
Vodka /Gin & Martini    £5.95  
Negroni Campari, Martini Rosso and Gin   £6.50  
Bellini Prosecco and Peach puree glass.    £6.50  
Aperol spritz Prosecco with aperol and soda      £7.50  

Vino Rosso 

red wine


Price per Glass

175 ml


House Wine 12% £4.25 £16.50
Cabernet IGT -Borgo Sanleo- Veneto  11.5% £5.25 £20.50
Harmonious and full body bland of cabernet, variety warm and deep ruby red.
Merlot Doc - Veneto -  Villa Appasionato 12%   £21.50
The bouquet is vinous with attractive fruity notes; it is soft, well balanced and persistent.
Nero D’avola IGT - Terre Siciliane-Sicilia 13%   £23.50
100% nero d’avola grapes superbly structured with an inviting fruity bouquet.
Chianti Zonin DOCG- Toscana  12.5% £6.50 £25.50
Intense Chianti with aromas of violets, wild berries and delicate notes of plums.
Primitivo IGT - Puglia - Villa Cerrina  13%   £24.50
Brilliant ruby red 100% primitivo grape, dry and finely well structured.
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Doc - Abruzzo - Tollo  13.5% £7.50 £28.50
Rich full nose with notes of oak and spices. Full bodied, ripe and round.
Aglianico - Campania - Vinosia  12.5%   £26.50
Deep ruby in colour, with black fruits and earth aromas.
Barbera D`asti Doc - Piemonte—Castello Del Poggio  13%   £30.50
The bouquet is intense with scents of cherries and spices. Fresh, fruity and appealing.
Cannonau Di Sardegna Riserva Doc - Sardegna - Sella E Mosca 14%   £38.00
Ruby red, warm, dry and harmonious with a dominant oak note.
Riesli Doc - Sicilia - Principi Di Butera  14%   £35.00
This Sicilian red shows a very appealing spicy flavour, with hints of prune and coffee.
Chinti Classico Docg - Toscana - Castelo D’albola  13%   £32.50
A solid, typical Chianti classic with violet and cherry favours. Harmonious and well balanced.
Barolo Dezzani Docg - Piemonte - Oddero  14.%   £48.00
Classical full bodied Barolo with an ethereal and persistent bouquet.
Amarone Doc - Veneto - Zonin  15.5%   £55.00
Broad, smoky and supple with ripe black cherrry and plum flavours. A great wine.
Brunello Docg - Toscana - Col D’Oocia 14.5%   £65.00
A sexy Brunello with dark cherry fruit, mocha and attractive mint finish. Recommended.
Floral, toast notes, black cherry flavour. The finish is crispy tart, with a hint of orange.
Very intense ruby red colour. Nicely expressed varietal aromas with hints of black berry fruit.
 Barbera Dolcetto  D'Alba doc 2014 Low Histamines

 LOW HISTAMINES first high quality doc wines certified with histamine content to below 0.5 mg / liter (normal red wines have an average content of histamines from 4 to 20 mg / liter) can be suggested to wine sensitive and histamines food intolerant


12%    £32.95 

Vino Rose’  

rose wine


Price per Glass

175 ml


Anfora Rosato- Veneto 11.% £4.95 £19.95
Lovely Rose’ wine, fresh, fruity and crisp, with a gentle touch of spicyness.
Pinot Grigio Ramato DOC - Veneto  12%   £24.50
A Delightful 100% Pinot Grigio with an inviting copper colour and attractive floral aromas.

Due to the high number of ingredients in our menu we are unable to guarantee any dish free from nut traces. Please discuss any dietary requirements with the restaurant manager. Our food is prepared using the best fresh, natural ingredients, where possible from Italy. Therefore some dishes might not always be available, we apologise for any inconvenience. A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to your bill.